d3b897eddf52a5209e4193ac2c31660aWhen you list your home for sale, there are certain tasks that must be completed. For example, your yard could probably use some sprucing up, and the living room might need a fresh coat of paint. Whether or not the yard looks impeccable, it should at least look presentable. If you can afford to stage your home, you should definitely consider doing so. You don’t have to pay big bucks to a designer to do it, either. Regardless of what you’ve been told. Read: What Renovations Will Pay Off When I Sell?.

When listing their home, many sellers wonder if they should complete any repairs, or whether they should completely remodel some aspect of the house. It’s often said that certain projects reap rewards when it comes to selling. What they don’t tell you, is that certain remodeling projects might actually cost you money in the long run, and some of them, you may be lucky just to break even. It is not always worth it to remodel a home in order to sell it.

Realize that your home isn’t going to be in perfect condition no matter what you do. Every buyer expects there to be some things that’ll need to be fixed after the house becomes theirs. Don’t feel like you have to fix every single thing that is wrong with the house. Of course, certain flaws are going to dictate what the buyer offers on the house. Consider getting an inspection before listing the home, that way, you know of any major problems that you might need to fix before listing it. You don’t want any surprises during the closing.

Some scenarios in which you should fix a house before the sale is when not fixing it might cost a sale. For example, the AC unit. If the AC unit is broken, you might consider shelling out the few thousand it’ll cost you to replace it.

No one wants to fool with installing a new heating and cooling system after they move in. Another situation is when the buyer isn’t going to be able to afford major repairs. In this case, you might consider lowering the price so that they can have more money toward fixing things. Using this approach will allow you to sell the house without having to perform any of the work yourself. Simply deduct what it would cost to fix the issue, from the list price of the house.

There are also some instances where the buyer might even rather that you not remodel. For example, they might enjoy the fact that your kitchen needs to be updated, because they want to arrange the layout in a specific way. In this case, whatever work you do, they’ll have to un-do anyway, in order to make the kitchen be the way that they want it to. See: To Renovate, or Not to Renovate? – Zillow.


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The Age Old Question…Should You Remodel Before Selling Your Home? Well, It Depends.

2 thoughts on “The Age Old Question…Should You Remodel Before Selling Your Home? Well, It Depends.

  • Which is the most important room to renovate, should I decide to do renovations? I’ve heard mixed opinions. Any insight would be great.

  • They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it’s true. It is where the meals are created, as well as many memories. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen. The idea of the kitchen as a living space was becoming more and more popular and those with smaller kitchens in older homes started to take notice. As a result homeowners started to alter and enlarge their own kitchen spaces to follow the “trend,” both for lifestyle and resale purposes.

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