kitchen-granite-countertopsMillennials want to purchase houses that don’t need any remodeling or repairs done to them. In other words, they are wanting “move-in-ready” homes. They have a list of requirements, many of which, they won’t compromise on. One of these features that they typically won’t budge on, are countertops, appliances, and fixtures. They tend to want granite countertops throughout all bathrooms and kitchens, updated lighting, new hardware fixtures, and sleek showers and tubs. Sound like a lot? Maybe. Maybe not. The reason that young professionals want all of these things is that newer things won’t need to be replaced any time soon. For example, granite is almost impossible to stain or cut. With laminate countertops, all it takes in the kitchen is for a few blueberries sitting out for a few hours for them to be stained purple. Read: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Millennials and Home Buying.

Young professionals are very fond of open floor plans, and will choose that type oHouse Constructionf plan over a compartmentalized one, on any day of the week. They also like to have a room specifically designated as an office. Many people work from home nowadays, and that number is only going to increase from here on out, as it is becoming a massive trend.

Also, new homes have cheaper utility bills. Older homes typically have poor insulation that makes the system work much harder to heat and cool, and still doesn’t produce the right results. With new homes, if they set the thermostat to 72 degrees, they know it will get to, and stay at, 72 degrees, for instance. They also want wood floors. If you have carpet, it might by time to pull it up and install floors (if you don’t have wooden ones underneath). Just about nobody today wants to deal with carpet, and that fact isn’t just pertinent regarding millennials. Carpet stains, homeoffice-writing-desk-e-by-huelsta-15contains mites, and is harder to clean. Millennials want low-maintenance homes. Young buyers are wanting “green” homes. For example, double paned windows make it easier to heat and cool the house, while single pane windows make it much harder.

Younger buyers also like HOA’s, even though they don’t want to pay the fees. They don’t have to do the upkeep of the area themselves, they simply write a check. This is why many young buyers purchase townhouse in communities. They don’t have to worry about maintaining the lawn, and other things like that.


Finally, most buyers look to the Internet these days to begin their home search. It is very important that you have wonderful photos of your house (if you want to sell it, that is!) See: Millennials Buying Their First Homes: Here’s What They Want.

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Trying to Sell Your Home To The Younger Crowd? Here’s What Young Professionals Today Are Looking For In a New House

2 thoughts on “Trying to Sell Your Home To The Younger Crowd? Here’s What Young Professionals Today Are Looking For In a New House

  • Because millennials think in shorter time frames, they like the idea of a finished house. The more the seller has done, the better, so the buyer doesn’t have to spend time making changes.

    Millennials don’t view their homes as a status symbol or long-term investment but as an important purchase for living now and enjoying life. But they also know that as they age, their tastes and style of doing everything may also evolve.

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