So many sellers hire interior designers or decorators when listing a home. Many times, the ref4d669f7859f01daa5f66226a478caacaltor is even the one to suggest it. It is no secret in this day and age that staged homes sell faster, and for much more money, than unstated homes. Read: Interior Illusions – Staging Your Space. Sellers are specifically taught to show their home in such a way that it resembles a hotel. Unfortunately, this can make it very difficult for the buyer to see the home for what it really is. After all, that’s the whole point of staging a house, it to trick the buyer into wanting the home more than they would have, and, to where they will pay more for it.

While staging at times can be helpful, by showing a buyer visually what purpose the room will serve, it can also hide the fact that a space is smaller than it really is. Designers take out extra furniture in order to make a room look bigger. You can see where this might be a problem. They may, in the living room, have one Piermont.Fla_.Din2115.RET_.P1sofa and two seating chairs. The room may look beautiful, but once you have the extra sofa that the room actually calls for, the room looks small. See: 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Staging Your Home for Resale.

You have to think practically. When you see a den that only has a love seat, think to yourself, “what would the room look like with two sofas?” Then you’ll be able to make a real call on if the room will be practical. Think about your furniture. Will it fit? Do you have enough? Will you be able to buy more after you buy the house? These are all very important questions that you have to ask yourself when you are looking at the home.

Ask yourself if the bathrooms and kitchens are in the location that you want. Is the kitchen all the way at the back of the house, and you want it in the front? Is the master bed on the second floor, and you want it on the first? Changing things to the house structurally is very expensive.

Always think about how much certain projects will cost you to perform. You may find that it might be cheaper to move on from that house and choose another. While you may be paying more money, you actually might have spent the same after renovations are completed on the home you are looking at.

Sellers usually empty out all of their closets so that it appears there is more storage then there really is. Mentally revert back to your own closet when looking at a new home’s. Will all of your things fit? Actually visualize how many shirts you have, how many shoes. Are there enough shelves? Read: Home Stagers Use Their Illusion to Entice Buyers.

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Having a Hard Time Looking Past The Staging Of a House? How to Look Past The Staging, And See The House For What It Really Is

3 thoughts on “Having a Hard Time Looking Past The Staging Of a House? How to Look Past The Staging, And See The House For What It Really Is

  • It would definitely depend on a couple things, but mainly the property price range and your budget. While a staged home can definitely be a big help, it is not always needed to sell a good home. Good sales technique and the ability to help a client truly envision the property as a part of their future, will help the sales for you time after time.

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